Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Val's Vintage 1st Anniversary!

Friday the 17th is my first year anniversary for Val's Vintage.  I would have never dreamed of leaving a job I loved and doing this full time but the success Val's Vintage brought gave me the confident and courage to take the plung and dive in full time.  It allows me to be at home with my children, avoid high day care cost and most importantly do what I love.  I have sold items to women for their weddings, movie photo shoots, stage producers, Christmas gifts for mothers and grand mothers, and I have sold items to other businesses in order for them to thrive as I do.

What a gift, to do what I love, feel rewarded and share it with the world.  My husband and mom have been so supportive and encouraging this past year.  My mom is somewhat of a partner to Val's Vintage, often hunting for treasures for me as often as she can and getting as excited as I do when she sees something sell that she found for the shoppe, what fun we have.  Let's not forget the ultimate Val's Vintage mascot, Stella.  Ms. Stella can go into four thrift stores in one day without a bit of whining or complaining, often because she know she will get a Barbie or pocket book out of the ride.  Stella starts Kindergarten in August and I just tear up at the idea of not having my little treasure hunter with me during the day.

The next phase for Val's Vintage is to move into our new home equipped with a third floor office space which will allow me to have my photography, packing table and supplies and computer and printer desk all in one space.  No more taking up space on our dining room table, pool table, bedroom and couch, I know David will love that.

So a big thanks to those that have kept up with my progress, dealt with my endless facebook post and supported me from day one.

I will have a coupon on Friday, the anniversary day, for %15 off your entire purchase.

And of course I couldn't wrap up this post without mentioning my newest items for the shoppe.  Take a look!

And most importantly, Enjoy!

California Pottery Planter

Leather Etienne Aigner

Powder Blue Planter by Bishop Ceramics

Oxblood Etienne Aigner Clutch

Hollywood Regency Vanity Tray

Hollywood Regency Wall Sconces

Silver Plated Covered Dish

Nippon Six Piece Snack Set

Mini Trays

Trio of Bavarian Gold Plates

Industrial Desk Lamp

Wedgwood Square Cake Plates

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