Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Tea Time

This is how we celebrate this silly little holiday our consumer driven nation has trumped up, with tea!  David and I agree to save our money and not buy in to the whole Valentines Day hoopla.  Thank goodness because this holiday makes as much sense to me as Columbus Day.  In high school my friends and I decided to protest Valentines day by spray painting roses black and carrying them around the whole day.  Over dramatic yes but hey we were teenagers, smart ones to already recognize the asinine tradition this day brought.  So as a grown up I keep it simple, this day is for kids, the powdery Rolaid like heart candies, waxy chocolates and Sponge Bob cards are a blast, if you're eight years old.  After the age of around ten or eleven its time to move on.

Thanks for the chocolates Daddy!

Perfect, one box for the whole family.

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