Thursday, April 19, 2012

Latest Update On House Of Ross

As many of you know I have whined and boo hooed about not having a camera.  I finally have one and have been shutterbugging like mad lately.  House of Ross is closing in quick and the Ross family is getting super excited!  In the last month they have finished the siding and shake.  The walls have been painted.  Trim is starting to go up.  The red oak wood floors are in!  The stucco is being set today around the house.  The exterior colors are in the works.  Last but not least what I am most excited is coming today, the quarter sewn oak custom kitchen cabinets, ooohhh lala.  Here are the latest pics, Enjoy!

The photograph here gives the illusion that the exterior colors are gray, they are actually two tones of green, we are super pleased with the outcome.

red oak wood floors and trim around the windows

The kitchen


The wall to the left here will have custom made quarter sewn oak  cabinets with a sitting bench to allow for a mud room.

Davids office

Stairs to second floor

Lucas' room, his color is a lime green, not what I had in mind but this was a pleasant mistake that I fell in love with.  The color has Lucas' name all over it.

Master Bedroom

David Closets.  Under the window will be a bench that will lift up to create a laundry hamper.

Master bedroom, my closet.

Stellas room.  The color on the walls is a very pale pink.

Second floor hallway with linen closet

Ben's room, blue gray wall color which will go nicely with his Coca Cola  collection.

Stairs leading to third floor

Third floor, my office

Hallway in my office leads to the spare bedroom

Spare bedroom.  I love this blue color, it is so bright and cheery.

Spare bedroom with double closets

Spare bedroom

Spare bedroom

Spare bedroom