Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful Rock Fireplace!

The fireplace is still drying but it is finished and gorgeous.  Another talent I have just discovered, rock mason.  These guys pound the rock by hand just to get the right piece.  Super talented folks!  Trim and paint are the next big steps to House of Ross.

Stain glass can be seen on the back deck and in the dining room.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Soon To Be Listed In Val's Vintage Shoppe

I have been without my camera now for two weeks and feel as though I am missing a crucial part of my life.  Luckily my ever so kind Brother in Law has let me borrow his camera so I can get some items listed in the shoppe.  Take a look at my newest treasures.  There are some beautiful handbags.  Happy Friday!  Val

Pattern glass serving bowl

California Pottery

Red Velvet Morris Moskowitz Clutch

Georges Briard Teek Wood Serving Platter

Etienne Aigner Leather Handbag

Leather Metallic 1980's Handbag

Hollywood Regency Vanity Tray

Etienne Aigner Oxblood Leather

Vintage Eel Skin

Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue

Gold Frames

Pink Fiesta Ware

Gold Frames

Vintage 4 Cup Apartment Peculator 

Block Handbag

Blue Snake Skin

Gray vinyl handbag

Gorgeous Italian Leather

Lou Taylor Black Patton 

Vintage Black Velvet

Vintage Umbrella Bag

Monday, March 12, 2012

House of Ross Updated Photos

Drywall is in and will be finished soon.  Finishing the siding and starting trim are the next phases.

Stairs entering into my third floor office

Third floor office for Val's Vintage Shoppe

Cubbie spot for couch in my office and door into spare bedroom

Spare bedrrom

View out spare bedroom window


Living Room windows and fireplace

dining room and sitting room

door on the left is a utility closet, door to the right is the main floor  1/2 bath

temporary front door to the right and door into Davids office

Master bedroom

hallway to all three kids bedrooms

stairs leading to third floor office and spare bedroom

dining room and sitting room

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

House Of Ross Is Coming Along

Here are some updated photographs of the house.  My camera is once again in the hospital so I am relying on my phone camera to capture shots, boo :(

The shake and siding are almost finished and the dry wall is going up as we speak.  We are getting super excited!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Unofficial Official Cupcake Day At House Of Ross

A friend on facebook posted what I have been wondering myself for years.  Why is everyone so busy? Busy, busy, busy.  Stop and smell the roses is such a thing of the past.  Similar to my friend I've never bought in to or had the desire to be one of those go, go, go kind of mamas.

The first couple of years as a stay at home mom if I heard my husband pull in the drive way in the middle of the day I would jump up out of my chair and pretend to be doing "busy work".  That goes against being as authentic and real as I can be in a time where women are supposed to be "doing it all".  So the "pretend to be busy look" didn't last long for me thank God!

I'll never apologize for sipping tea in the middle of the day while surfing online for shoes, baking bread for no reason or skipping out on ballet lessons for no reason other than "we just don't feel it today".

So I declare today the official Cupcake Day at House of Ross in celebration of not being super women, do it all, busy, busy, go, go, go mom.  Learn to say no!  It feels liberating and doesn't hurt peoples feeling as you might think.

Do something for yourself more than once a month for no reason other than you just flat out deserve it.  Like baking cupcakes for no reason other than being damn happy to have three healthy kiddos, a loving tolerant
husband and an amazing clan of family and friends.


This is the recipe I used today:


The frosting to this recipe is super sweet as most frostings are.  Below is a great recipe I found that cuts the sweetness in half.