Friday, December 30, 2011

Simply Chic White

When I new it was certain our family was going to build a home one of the design elements I knew I wanted was a kitchen filled with white dishes, everything white!  Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, often uses all white dishes in her cook books.  The all white dishes give the kitchen a clean crisp feel and look. 

Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa

Concerning white and vintage combination.  There are several options when choosing vintage white dishes. 

There is white ironstone which is sturdy and easily accessible.  It is usually moderately priced.

Vintage white porcelain, which can be a bit more pricier but holds up wonderfully.

Milk glass is another white option,  which has a more translucent look.  I wouldn't recommend milk glass serving plates and bowls for families with small children as the milk glass breaks more easily than the porcelain or ironstone.  Milk glass mixing bowls on the other hand are great and last a life time.

Also,  simple white vintage restaurant ware.  Don't let the name fool you, restaurant wear is affordable, durable and great for kids due to its thick make up.

Below are examples of all of the above mentioned:

White Ironstone By Cottage 23 on Etsy

White Ironstone Plate By 22 Bay Rd On Etsy.com

White Ironstone By Goodbye Annie on Etsy.com

Vintage Porcelain Creamer By Lapomme on Etsy.com
Whtie Porcelain dishes
White Porcelain Plates By Pillivyet

White Porcelain Kitchen Board By My Petite Maison's on Etsy.com

Milk Glass Mixing Bowl By Shop on Shermans on Esty.com

Milk Glass Hobnail Stand By Boots N Gus on Etsy.com
Restaurant Ware Cups and Saucers By Brigids Fancy on Esty.com
Restaurnat Ware Bowl by 22 Bay Rd on Etsy.com
Restaurant Ware Plates By Whtie Door Vintage on Etsy.com

Milk Glass Dishes on milkglass.org

Welcome! Let's Talk Antiques!

My love of vintage and my current adventures in home building have inspired me to begin this blog.  I have an etsy shop full of treasures that I will be sharing and discussing as well. www.etsy.com/shop/valsvintageshoppe.  I will be posting about anything and everything vintage as well as my experience in home building.

I am a mother of three from Asheville North Carolina.  My husband and I are currently building a home next door to our current residence.  My hopes are to take the experiences of home building and my love of antiques and inspire those that also truly love nostalgia.  Our new home will have an emphasis on the Arts and Crafts movement of the turn of the century.  I will be posting photographs of our new home as it progresses.  Our choices in doors, windows, fixtures, hardware, all these myriad of decisions can be extremely helpful for the next person.

Asheville, North Carolina

I do not focus on one vintage or antique category as I love it all.  Vintage handbags and French porcelain are my current obsessions.  There will be absolutely nothing excluded from this blog, if it's old it belongs right here, let's talk about it, share photos and exchange thoughts and opinions.


I recently watched Woody Allens film Midnight In Paris.  The main character, played by Owen Wilson, often mentions his love of nostalgia and curiosity of novelist from the past.  His character is treated as frivolous and naive by his pretentious busy body family for his love of all things old.  His love of nostalgia was dismissed and his family often tried to convince him this interest of his was a waste of time. As I was watching Owen Wilson's character I could not help to think "Is it possible that I, as an antique junkie, am in a class of my own".  The answer could only be but of course, a special class that is.  One to cherish, find community in and bring old life to new. This is a feeling one cannot just dismiss or ignore.  It is within us that old enamel pots, tarnished silverware, chippy framed art work grabs hold of us and won't let go. 

Woody Allen's Midnight In Paris

So I invite you to share this glorious feeling of nostalgia for all things chippy and tarnished.  Think of it this way, there are groups for quilting, tennis, poker, book clubs, but have you ever seen or heard of a community that has antique clubs, maybe, but they couldn't be too common.  So our only other option is the world wide web. I love this hobby and profession so greatly that I couldn't imagine not sharing it with my fellow enthusiast.  I invite you to comment on anything you see on this blog, the more the merrier.  Ask questions, post comments and most of all Enjoy!  Your oddity aficionado.  Valerie

Early Chalk Bird By Val's Vintage Shoppe