Friday, December 30, 2011

Simply Chic White

When I new it was certain our family was going to build a home one of the design elements I knew I wanted was a kitchen filled with white dishes, everything white!  Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa, often uses all white dishes in her cook books.  The all white dishes give the kitchen a clean crisp feel and look. 

Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa

Concerning white and vintage combination.  There are several options when choosing vintage white dishes. 

There is white ironstone which is sturdy and easily accessible.  It is usually moderately priced.

Vintage white porcelain, which can be a bit more pricier but holds up wonderfully.

Milk glass is another white option,  which has a more translucent look.  I wouldn't recommend milk glass serving plates and bowls for families with small children as the milk glass breaks more easily than the porcelain or ironstone.  Milk glass mixing bowls on the other hand are great and last a life time.

Also,  simple white vintage restaurant ware.  Don't let the name fool you, restaurant wear is affordable, durable and great for kids due to its thick make up.

Below are examples of all of the above mentioned:

White Ironstone By Cottage 23 on Etsy

White Ironstone Plate By 22 Bay Rd On Etsy.com

White Ironstone By Goodbye Annie on Etsy.com

Vintage Porcelain Creamer By Lapomme on Etsy.com
Whtie Porcelain dishes
White Porcelain Plates By Pillivyet

White Porcelain Kitchen Board By My Petite Maison's on Etsy.com

Milk Glass Mixing Bowl By Shop on Shermans on Esty.com

Milk Glass Hobnail Stand By Boots N Gus on Etsy.com
Restaurant Ware Cups and Saucers By Brigids Fancy on Esty.com
Restaurnat Ware Bowl by 22 Bay Rd on Etsy.com
Restaurant Ware Plates By Whtie Door Vintage on Etsy.com

Milk Glass Dishes on milkglass.org

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  1. Milk glass and vintage white plates are my passion!!!
    So farm girl elegant, love it!!