Saturday, January 28, 2012

Newly refurbished treasures.

Here are some more refurbished and vintage treasures I have found for the new home.

Metal stool I found at thrift store for $5.  It was a grungy cream color.


AFTER PIC- Ben collects Coke memorabilia.  The bright red stool with the white feet will look great with all his Coke goodies.


Love the mesh seat and the white feet.

This is a shabby white pine shelf I bought at an auction last week for $35.  I have the option of  repainting it, stressing it more or just leave it the way it is.  I personally like the way it is and we will eventually manage to chip it and stress it further over the years.

The Victorian box and 1930's wool coat and hat were purchased at an auction.

This is a collection of vintage prints.  It has taken me about 3 months to collect them for Stellas wall.  They were all purchased at thrift stores and auctions.  The most I paid was $5 for the large rectangular Dutch print in the middle.

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