Friday, January 27, 2012

House of Ross Has Come A Long Way in the Past Few Weeks.

Here are some updated pics of the house.  Every Friday I provide lunch for the crew.  It's the least I can do as they are building our families dream home. I've included some shots of the guys, they are a crucial part of this whole adventure and I am super thankful for their hard work in sometimes very cold conditions.  I was able to catch some photos of the interior of the house as well.  Enjoy!

Lunch for the guys.  Stella made the cookies.

This is Mark and Todd, they are cutting wood for the back deck.

This is Justin and Randy.  They are currently building a breeze way from the kitchen door to the work shop.

The builder man, my super talented and cute hubby, David.

The chimney will be finished off with rock work.

This is upon entering the front door.

Looking into our kitchen.

Davids office.

upstairs laundry room.

Master bedroom.

Spare bathroom, kids bathroom.

My most favorite spot in the whole house, the third floor office for Val's Vintage! 

This spare bedroom connects to my office on the third floor.

Mark and Todd on the deck.


  1. Holy Moly girl! B-EAU-TI-FUL!! We need to catch up! It looks like lots is happening! I miss you! Let's make time to talk soon. What's the best time of day for you?

  2. Usually during the week day when the boys are at school but call anytime! I am coming down to my mom's in a couple of weeks to hit that super cheap fabric store in Stone Mtn, apparently they have upholstrey material for 2/3 a yard! So maybe I can do a pop by. Love you!