Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gaudy Gold To Gorgeous!

Building a home has sparked new interest in home design for me.  For quite a while I focused on treasure hunting for items to list in my shoppe and didn't give much thought to my home as I knew one day soon we would build.  Now the creative juices are flowing and I am on a roll.  Now each time I go to the thrift store or auction I scan for shabby furniture, chippy paint, old frames, and anything that would look great with a fresh coat of spray paint, if its old and has a price tag of $20 or less it has gotten my attention. Last Saturday I found not one but three gaudy gold pieces for my home that had "spray paint me!"  written all over them.  Here are the results.
This old wooden birdcage was bright gold when I bought it, for $5!  Painted it white and waala!!


This strange and unique handmade wooden magazine rack was also bright metallic gold when I purchased it for, you guessed it, $5 at an auction.  Perfect teenage room decor, my son loves it and has put all his skateboarding magazines in it already.

I found this vintage metal votive candelabra at the thrift store for $7.50.  It too was painted gold, blek!  I painted it a light seafoam green and it turned out great.

So there you have it!  $17.50 in cost plus $9.00 in paint = three gorgeous pieces for $26.50
Fun, fun, fun!!

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