Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Beauty Of Vintage Vinyl

General Electric Record Player By Brooklyn St Vintage on Etsy.com

 I recently came across an array of vinyl 1960's 45 records.  A rare find for a treasure hunter.  Rare because they were in the original record box, still had all the original picture sleeves and were in fantastic condition.  It sparked an interest in vinyl collecting and I came across some great collections I'd like to share. I think I can speak for most vinyl collectors by stating that there is a specific sound on a record player you cannot reproduce on tape cassettes or CD's. Not only are the actual vinyl records a factor in vinyl history and collecting but the metal records racks, the record storage boxes and the record players.  When I was a kid in the late 1970's early 1980's, when records were still alive and well, I had a record box donned with Shaun Cassidy's face.  The transformation from turn of the century wind up gramophone and vitrola  (the two are essentially the same thing)  to electric record players propelled  the record industry into what it became in the mid century.  As we all know cassettes came along and then CD's leaving records to collect dust in thrift stores and attics.  Not the case anymore.  Vinyl is still used, loved and collected by music lovers.  One of my thirteen year old son's favorite Christmas gifts this year was a brass metal record rack and a collection of first press albums by The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Elton John and The Eagles.  Passing down this ultra cool hobby of record collecting to the next generation will hopefully spark not only an interest in early music but an appreciation for the vessel in which we shared and loved this music so greatly.

Early Vitrola

Mid Century Record Rack by Our Modern History on Etsy

Early record collection by Goat Cart Goods on Etsy
 Vinyl Hank Williams Canal Side Studios

This is the box of 45's I recently purchased and sold

Box circa 1950's with red bakelite handle

An example of the records in the box I found

I love the sleeves to these records, perfect example of 1960's popular music

More from the box I discovered

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  1. I love the old vinyls and their sound! Thanks for featuring my record player!