Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tile Floors, Front Door and Kitchen Cabinets, Oh my!

Here are some updated pics of House of Ross.  The tile floors are currently going in.  Trim is finishing up.  The custom quarter sewn oak cabinets are slowly but surely being built in to the kitchen.  The front and side yard is cleaned up beautifully.  Raised beds for the garden will be put in soon.  The front door is in.  Here are some pics, Enjoy!

The kitchen cabinets have Arts and Crafts written all over them, love it!

Kitchen island half finished.

love the Arts and Crafts pegs.

laundry room floor tile

kids bath is an old school cobalt blue look

Industrial slate gray tile for the master bath floor.

master bath floor

laundry room tile

Mahogany front door

She cleans up pretty!

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