Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today's Found Treasures

I have a thing for cool vintage boxes.  Or maybe it is just that I have a loathing for the big ugly plastic storage boxes you get at Target.  It is a mission of mine to minimize the number of these ugly plastic storage bins.  Not that I don't have any, I do have my share and they are great for holiday decorations and kids hand me down clothes.  But for items like old photos, trinkets, valuables I prefer something unique, fun to look at, preferably wood, cardboard or an old plastic.  Here is my newest cool box.  Black with brass hardware approximately mid century.  I love the faux tweed interior.

I also found a super old, probably 1930's wooden German bowl full of ceramic artichokes.  Artichokes?  Hmmm, who woulda thunk it. I more than likely would have never consciously sought out artichokes but there they were and I do think they look great on a table so waaalaaaah artichokes!

And in closing here is a very special pre Valentines Valentine that Lucas made me today. Super happy little guy.

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