Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Growing Hearts Through Canine Love

Ben and Jimmy at The Hop
Recently Ben and I have decided to do some volunteer work with a local organization called Animal Compassion Network.  Over the years one of my best friends Kim has grown to love this organization so much that recently she was named President, congrats Kim!  It's true what they say, volunteering does open your heart, your compassion for whatever cause your heart leads you to grows tremendously after each volunteer event or effort.  I knew it was time for Ben, 13 to begin some sort of community volunteering and what better way than to help animals.  Last night was the annual Dine To Be Kind event.  Several restaurants in the area participated and donated a portion of their daily profits to ACN.  Ben and I were stationed at The Hop ice cream shop, perfect right?  We brought Jimmy our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as our mascot and he was a hit!  I am so glad I chose such an wonderful organization for Ben and I to grow with and can't wait to jump in to some more volunteer work.  Here is the link to Animal Compassion Network:


Here are some more photos of our furry companions

I can read his mind "someone please tell this child to put me down for God sake".

We do think Charlie is related to the dog in The Labyrinth.

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